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03 July 2015 @ 08:17 pm
I've only got a bit left to do on my cross stitch of the 11th Doctor Matt Smith. Yes I know it's taken ages to stitch BUT I'll promise before the end of July he'll be posted.

I've stitched it on baby pink 14ct aida, unusual but it works as the design is in sepia tones and I've got no idea why the Anchor shade 1080 has lightened but it has caused shadows.

Speak to you all again sometime between now and the end of July.
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24 February 2015 @ 07:12 pm
TARDIS giftCollapse )

I made this for a friend a couple of years ago. It took me awhile to send it to him. He loves it. Please forgive that Thorin is in the pix.
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05 December 2014 @ 01:43 pm
I've been invited to a party with the theme "Holidaze in Spacetime" and immediately thought of doing a Christmas-themed Tom Baker scarf, using the half-scale patterns from Illuminated Spaces. A Season 18 scarf lends itself nicely to a red/white/green palette, having only three colors to begin with, but I'm not sure it would be as immediately recognizable for what it's meant to be. I tried converting the Season 12 scarf to a five color palette (red/white/green/silver/gold), but I'm not as happy with it.

My options as I see it:

  1. Make the S18 pattern and hope it's more obvious than I think.
  2. Add two more colors to the S12 pattern.

Thoughts? Recommendations for what colors to add if I go with Option 2?

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31 October 2014 @ 12:10 pm
It's that time of year again! Yes, time to show off my horse's K9 costume from 2005. His name is Shada.

Pics in the cut, copy/pasted from my journal"s 10/29/05 entryCollapse )

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My daughter K went to her first convention this summer.  She wanted to be Clara in the Journey to the Center of the Tardis.  Not an easy dress to find. So we decided to make one.

through the creation of the Impossible Girl's Dress....
01 June 2014 @ 11:24 am
As a huge Doctor Who Fan, my daughter had to have a TARDIS themed Prom dress.....so she made one! Embelishment on the side bow is written in Circular Gallifreyan.....what else would it say? ALLONS Y! Even her garter (not pictured) had a TARDIS charm dangling from it! She has never taken any kind of fashion or sewing classes- learned how to sew from her Mum (me) and Youtubel! The crystals on the skirt represent the many stars in the Universe. Even the shoes (she decorated to wear once her feet started to hurt in her heels) have a "Universal" theme!
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If you live in the US you know that Father's Day is coming up in a week or two. My dad and I are both big fans of Doctor Who. As Doctor Who fans know, there is a pretty great episode of Doctor Who called "Father's Day," so I was thinking this year of doing a Doctor Who themed Father's Day party for my dad. (Geeky, I know.) I am trying to come up with Doctor Who themed decorations and snacks. I found these cute and delicious looking Doctor Who blue velvet cupcakes on Pinterest and am definitely going to make these!

Doctor Who Party Cupcakes
16 May 2014 @ 08:22 pm
dieastra suggested to post this here, also.

Christian, a friend of mine, is a LARPer and some time ago started to working with leather, creating belts and pouches and the like. Last year, I saw a picture of a pretty handbag where he had dyed the leather a beautiful blue. A Tardis blue.

And so I asked him if he could custom-made me a Tardis bag. And he did. The day before yesterday, I got this

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29 March 2014 @ 04:36 pm
Here's my second entry of the day. I only met Elizabeth Sladen once and that was a charity event at the Royal Liverpool Philarmonic Hall several years ago. A lovely, lovely woman who is sadly missed by all.

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29 March 2014 @ 04:19 pm
So I finally complete the evil genius behind the Daleks

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Can we have a "Davros" tag please?