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Amy Pond VoV/VatD Scarf pattern help

So, now that we've gotten more views of her scarf, I kinda want to replace mine with a more accurate one (mine is far too narrow). Since scarves aren't really on the market right now, and since I knit, I'm going to just make it myself. However, I'm currently lacking the time to draft up an accurate-ish pattern, so I'm going to use one someone else has designed.

That's where you guys come in. I can't find one that's exact, and I've found a few I really like... the problem is the ones that are more accurate I don't like the pattern as much as ones that are a little less accurate.

Amy's Scarf:

So, options! (mine, of course, would be made in red, but I couldn't find red pics for all of them)

Scarf pattern 1:

Pros: my favorite looking pattern out of all of them, I love the design, simple without being simplistic, gives the organic feel hers has
Cons: Lace pattern is slanted as opposed to vertical

scarf pattern 2:

(same pattern, but extended to be a blanket)

Pros: has the more accurate up and down lace pattern, more visible lace pattern
Cons: I'm not a huge fan of the diamond design

Scarf Pattern 3:

Pros: I really like the way it looks when gathered around the neck, pretty, vertical lace pattern
cons: don't really like the way it looks when it's just hanging normally, looks less like wheat or grain that Amys is and more like leaves/fire

So, those are the three I've kinda narrowed it down to (unless anyone has any better options) Which do you guys think would work the best to mimic the look of Amy's scarf best? I like all three, but I wanted to see what other people thought before I chose.

also posted to who_knits and dw_cosplay 


Another option has been added, and it looks really really similar:

(obviously i'd widen it, add more repeats)
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