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River Song's Diary, plus some help needed.

I've kind of wanted to make one for a while but I've been lazy, and then the show came back last week and we had another long weekend and queen procrastinator be damned, I finally started to cobble together River's diary.
I'm now at the stage were with the paint job pretty much done (it might need to more battered up looking but I'm waiting until daylight to assess how it looks) I need to look into page dying and binding. It's on the binding matter that I could do with some advice; would anyone be able to recommend a technique?
I want to use a lot of pages so that the diary seems more true to the original and have them as uneven as on the show, which would seem to rule out perfect binding as a technique. Any suggestions or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.

I've also included some pictures of the diary as it is now; painted and nothing else in it.

The main body of the cover is from a book which I stuck the TARDIS pattern on to using cardboard and then covered in kitchen paper using the old school fav of the PVA/water mix.
I then painted it all in acrylics and plan to cut the spine a bit later on to make it look more battered up.

You can see the prototype in the background. You name it, it went wrong with that one (too many ridges thanks to the BBC template which as very useful as it is, is also a curse, so those had to be cut off).

Tags: bookmaking, river song
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