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I'm such a copycat...

kurthummel, your cell made me so jealous and fanatical I had to have one, too. XDDD!! lol!!

graphic = cloverdilly and was found in this post.

wheeeeeee~! Tarrrrrdis love! Also I don't know anyone else that has that cell charm but it apparently only works on UK phones....bs. It totally works in the middle of my calls or when I accidentally smack it into something...lol! So, sure, not when it's s'possed to, but close. heh!!


Just found out that that http://UniqueSkins.com site does the INSIDE of my cell for $7!! XDDDDDDDD!!!! WHOO! This is going to get even MOAR pimped out next week when it arrives!! Buawhahahahahah!! XDDD!
Tags: phone/ipod cozy, tardis

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