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My Tardis, let me show you it...

Just a small project for my first posting here! Working on a larger one (a Doctor Who themed bag), but I've got a short attention span so it's taking a long while!!

We've had TARDIS phones... may I introduce the...


A few months back my mum bought a protective case for our shared Nintendo DS, with a boring random image inside, not good enough for me, I wanted something more, well, ME!

Boredom struck yesterday and I came up with this...

Dimensions are probably very out, but I was working with weird sizings (different on front and back) and I would have rather had it opening the otherway round but cut outs meants I would lose too much of the Police Box sign!

Used the Door Sign from this link by steelghost, and the top was straight off a picture I took at the Doctor Who Exhibition!

I have my template pictures if anyone is interested!

edit to add the templates
(I then drew round one of the provided inserts to get them the right shape)
Tags: phone/ipod cozy, tardis

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