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04 September 2008 @ 02:43 pm
Beware the Weeping Angels  
Y'all might have noticed that your friendly community moderator has been slacking a bit lately. No updates. No organizing. What the heck was she doing that kept her so busy elsewhere?!


Absolutely MASSIVE amounts of pictures under the cut, sorryCollapse )

This is the 'making-of' post - if you want to read the 'in-costume' post, it's over here on dw_cosplay.
Leish: squee ashleishpod on April 16th, 2010 04:30 am (UTC)
wow. that is just incredible. kudos!
chayna1ukchayna1uk on April 25th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
WOW! I love how you put it all together and know how much work must have gone into it all.
slickiedooslickiedoo on May 21st, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)
I am so incredibly impressed. This is amazing! You've inspired me to find a character I can pull off. Outstanding!!
wattle_girlwattle_girl on May 25th, 2010 07:05 am (UTC)

Just found this via google and I must say it's AMAZING.

I just wish I had more than a few hours to make my costume and access to some of the materials you have used.
I just want to say again that this is incredible.
teef_chanteef_chan on June 22nd, 2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
ILYOUR AWESOMENESS. That is an amazing costume.
(Anonymous) on January 10th, 2011 05:15 pm (UTC)
This is incredible. The Weeping Angel is hopefully going to be my next Halloween costume, and this is VERY helpful.
that_carlygirl on March 4th, 2011 06:56 am (UTC)
this is absolutely bloody amazing.
I am in total awe of thus. I struggle to make put together a costume and you've made something like this. It's amazing.

question; showed this to a friend (who is much better at making costumes than me) and she was wondering if you would mind if she used this as a guide to make her own Weeping Angel costume for a con here in Australia.
penwiper337penwiper337 on March 4th, 2011 02:21 pm (UTC)
Of course she's welcome to use this as a guide! That's why I put it up here! But there are definitely better ways to do some of this than what I've laid out here - I've already remade my mask and wig using paperclay over a paper mache base, for instance. So do experiment!

Glad you like it!
gwen666: Generalgwen666 on March 5th, 2011 05:12 am (UTC)
Your costume is great ! It is convincing enough without costing a fortune in time and materials. What real costuming should be. Did you see the Dr.Who behind-the-scenes extra that showed the creation of the 'angels' ?
alias_kino on April 15th, 2011 07:51 am (UTC)
Quick question
Wow, this is a really amazing cosplay! I really love that skin effect you used with the pantyhose and I'm thinking of adapting that technique for another cosplay.
How difficult was that part to make (when you were sewing/cutting/using nailpolish)? I'm a bit of a novice and I'm afraid I might be biting off more than I can chew if I attempt this.
penwiper337penwiper337 on April 15th, 2011 11:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Quick question
Well, I know at least two people who were not very experienced at all who successfully made gloves using that method, so I think you'd probably do just fine. Be sure to use nice sturdy tights, not pantyhose, and just use lots of little overcast stitches to help keep it from raveling, and you'll be fine.
Alan James KeoghAlan James Keogh on April 22nd, 2011 10:32 pm (UTC)
This is perhaps, the greatest costume I have ever seen on any one ever.

the detail is just so astoundingly amazing, I couldn't even begin to figure out how to make something so awesome, even if I followed the pictures so how you created it with no guidence is astounding.

also, Blink has to be my faviourite episode of Dr. Who.
haunts-of-goblin-men.blogspot.com on April 28th, 2011 06:51 pm (UTC)
This is absolutely awesome. Am sharing. I found it on twitter.
Hildekittensandsteam on July 22nd, 2011 07:41 pm (UTC)
That's absolutely FANTASTIC!
Lucca: Hitoshura -human at heartlucca_ashtear on August 18th, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I know this is an old post, I was linked here through cosplay.com and was floored by the ingenuity shown in creating this.

I plan on giving the tights method a try for the legs of an upcoming costume. However, I was curious, did the paint seep through to your skin during painting? If so, how long did you wear the tights before they were dry enough to remove?
penwiper337penwiper337 on August 19th, 2011 01:43 am (UTC)
Good questions! Yes, the paint did seep through - my arms were almost as grey as the tights when I peeled them off. Fortunately, acrylic paint washes off very easily. As for the amount of time... urg. That's a good question. Not crazy-long or anything, as far as I remember, so definitely under an hour and probably more like 15-30 minutes. I used a hair dryer and that made it go faster. The major thing is to make sure the hands are dry so that they don't shrink up. If the arms are still slightly damp when you pull them off, it doesn't matter too much.

I can't recommend the tights method enough. It's more work ahead of time, but it's so much faster than full-body makeup at the con, and it doesn't wear off the minute you handle a doorknob. :)
(no subject) - lucca_ashtear on August 23rd, 2011 05:06 am (UTC) (Expand)
Alright In Sort Of A Limited Way For An Off-Nightgrammardog on August 19th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
This is geedee amazing, and I don't even know what a tardis is. The gloves!!! Mindblowing.
Cassiecassinator on August 19th, 2011 08:22 pm (UTC)
2010 Pic
I think I have a pic of your update wig from last year's Dragon*Con. I was referred here from the CRAFT magazine (kudos, by the way).