November 13th, 2017

My own version of a female doctor

Hi people! My name is Priscila, i'm brazilian and currently, a big Doctor Who fan ^^
I'm making a version from a female doctor for my own fanfic. And.... she will be a cute japanese girl (only a descendant) that love bows. I already make the Sonic Screwdriver and the color of the her TARDIS. I also know the hairstyle that she will have. But I can not do her drawing and would like help. The color style of her clothes is inspired by the Cassandra Cillian (fron The Librarians, TNT series).
OC Simple Profile:
Name: The Doctor
Age: 500 years, but looks like a young girl of approx. 25 years
Gender: Feminine
Species: Gallifreyan / Timelady
Origin World: Gallifrey
Appearance: Dark bown/violet hair with a small right side ponytail, blue eyes indigo, white skin, cute and simple makeup. She also wears a pair of pearl earrings. Japanese Ethnicity (Current generation)
Number of regenerations: 5 (Because is the other doctor's daughter)
Personality: Gentle, Likeable, Smart and Reliable. Heroic, cheerful, talkative, humorous too ^^
Attitude: When she finally come face to face with the villain, it first gives the chance to escape smoothly, giving something in return. But if he / she did not hearken, it then goes to confront him always telling stories within the subject matter; doing even a bit of psychological torture and (any ideas? ^^) But always being sarcastic. But next to her companions, she is super sweet and nice.
Likes: Adventures, Bows, things and epic attitudes,
Dislikes: Injustice,
Theme Song and her heroic catchphrase: I Am The Hope Light Star! (the music is like the theme of 12th doctor)

Some catchphrases:

- Oh so cute!/It's so cute!
- Bows are cute! (Like the "Bowties are cool")
- Impossible not. Challenging!