Wolverinegal (wolverinegal) wrote in crafty_tardis,

Doctor Dolls Branch Out

As you might remember, I'm the crazy woman who has crocheted little versions of all the Doctors... and now I've started to branch out. I told my College's Science Fiction/Anime Club about this project and one of the girls commissioned me to make Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness....

Both Ianto and Jack were INCREDIBLY easy to do... to put it in persepective, Nine was the easiest Doctor to crochet (so few colors, so simple an outfit). The hardest part of making these dolls was that the girl I made them for wanted both of them to be COMPLETLY undressable and anatomically correct... yes, both Ianto and Jack have little dangly bits. I think the girl I'm making them for is gonna give them as a present to her girlfriend....

Captain Jack Harkness, wearing his coat and braces...

And Ianto Jones, the Coffee Boy who looks good in a suit.

Jack looks annoyed, we must of intrupted them!

WARNING!!! The below image is caracky and all sorts of wrong.

... I take my eyes off them for TWO SECONDS and what happens??? Not that I really mind *cackles evily.


Tags: companions, dolls, jack, torchwood

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