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Hello! I posted these about a month ago on craftgrrl, and some sweet person suggested I bring them over here. Then... I got distracted.

They're not mine, actually; I made a pair around a year ago for my best friend, but they were unsealed sharpie, so the colors ran when she got perfume on them. Since then, I've been trying to figure out the Absolute Best Way to make shrinky-dink TARDIS earrings (or any shrinky-dinks, actually) and I think I've landed on my preferred method.

I used Frosted Rough 'n' Ready shrink plastic, drew the outline on one side in permanent marker--traced, actually, because I drew exactly one TARDIS, once, and I'm not enough of an artist to go around recreating it from scratch. ANYWAY, I used colored pencil on the rough side and sealed it with an acrylic spray, and protected the side with the marker with a water-based dimensional varnish called Glossy Accents. There are two side effects:

1) There's a definite front and back to this piece, though I suppose I could avoid that by drawing the outline on the rough side and sealing that with the dimensional varnish; I might do that in the future.

2) My room is LITTERED WITH TINY TARDISES. I have them in several different flavors of shrinky plastic, coloring methods, and varnishes. I can't bring myself to toss any of them, because even when I screw them up, they're adorable.

It has occurred to me that I could use a ruler to get perfect straight lines, but I think they'd lose some of their charm. The sketchiness and mottled color reminds me of the Quentin Blake drawings in Roald Dahl books. ... I JUST WANT TO EAT THEM LIKE CANDY. OM NOM NOM.

Flat in my lightbox. You really need to shine light through them to make them as vivid as they are in the first pictures, but this one gives you a good sense of the actual drawing.

While I'm at it,

There are free Dalek stencils kicking around the internet, but they all looked a bit too tidy for me, so I ended up making my own. (The paint application is purposely light for the same reason--I like my stencils to look distressed. And HUGE, clearly.) I use freezer paper and Jacquard textile paint.

I wore this shirt all the time in the lab my last year of college, but not one of my fellow nerds was ever like "HOLY CRAP, THAT'S A DALEK, IT IS AWESOME." Come on, nerds, STEP UP.
Tags: clothing, daleks, jewelry, t-shirts, tardis

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