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Keep Calm and Don't Blink.

So, this weekend I went to WonderCon for the US Premiere of Series 5 here in San Francisco. Naturally, I couldn't be seen at a place such as WonderCon without some Doctor Who swag. Sadly, I didn't own any thing DW related, so I decided to remedy that situation by stenciling my own shirt.

I'm a huge fan of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters, so when I saw a design that had taken that and reworked it into a Doctor Who reference, I knew that was going to be my place to start in the world of DW related crafts.

The most challenging part is always cutting out the stencil. When I stencil, I prefer to print the design on regular paper, then simply tape it to a sheet of freezer paper and cut it out. (Rather than print directly on the freezer paper.) Luckily, I got some help from Nine and the crew to pass the time. :)

First I did the text on the shirt. (The shirt is brown, btw.) The TARDIS on the original design was fairly intricate for a stencil of that size (about 2 inches) so I really was unsure the best way to go about stenciling it. After much debate and a practice TARDIS, I decided to stencil the outline and free hand the details. So the shirt is technically done as 2 stencils.

Close up. You can see the imperfections in the TARDIS, but overall I was quite pleased with it. I simplified it a bit, but if you're at all familiar with the series, I think you'd be able to tell what it is. :)

The finished product, with the original for comparison.

And of course, the oblig action shot.

Also, just for good measure, I made 2 buttons for every day wear on my bags.

These were crazy simple to make. I bought clear buttons at Michael's Crafts and printed a picture of the TARDIS and the Saxon poster at Kinko's. Cut them out, stuck them in the button, and there you go. Instant DW craft work.

I got a lot of DW fans asking and commenting about the shirt at WonderCon. It was fantastic to be able to talk to so many fans and watch an episode in a room with 100+ Whovians. There were some other fantastic DW crafts also, including homemade costumes of just about all eleven of the Doctors, a TARDIS costume, a Dalek, even Bride Donna was there.

Also, I should point out that I am not responsible for the creation of the "Keep Calm and Don't Blink" poster. I found it through an image search, and had seen it come up on tumblr a few times. A gigantic bravo to whoever did create the original.
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