werefox61 (werefox61) wrote in crafty_tardis,

Late posting Christmas gifts I made

I have 2 dear friends that love Doctor Who.  Money being really tight this year I decided to make sweatshirts.  The photos don't do them justice.  I think they turned out fantastic! 

Randy's says Angels have the phone box, and is an iron on and Christine's is a faux chenille TARDIS.   If you haven't done faux chenille before it's kind of fun.  It looks like nothing until you wash it.  Then it is fuzzy and soft.
I used a small amount of iron on stuff to make the door sign and the Police Public Call Box sign.  I will give instructions if anyone is interested.  Here is the Angels graphic.  I found it online but modified it a little.   I gave the angel a hair cut and cleaned up the arm.

Tags: angels have the phone box t-shirts, clothing, sewing, t-shirts, tardis

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