Duae (duae) wrote in crafty_tardis,

Hi there!

First post here, but I have a few things to share. My SO and I have been making crochet dolls for a little while now, and we've made several Doctor Who related ones, but frequently we forget to photograph them before they wind up in new homes. However! This time we do have pictures of Jack and Saxon, as well as Eight and Roberts!Master.

For some reason Eight's head turned out a little rounder and fatter than the Master's, so his in-progress nickname became Mr. TubbyTubTubs. Roberts!Master has little crochet sunglasses, but all the pics with them turned out blurry. I will try for more later.

Jack and Harold Saxon were both commissioned from someone who got a Tenth Doctor from us at a con. She snapped him up pretty much as soon as the last crochet went in, which is why we have no pictures of Ten until we get around to making another for us.
Tags: amigurumi, companions, crochet, dolls, eight, jack, master, torchwood

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