she_who_mbo (she_who_mbo) wrote in crafty_tardis,

Doctor Who inspired Christmas Tree ornaments

Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker posting for the first time.  I get so much enjoyment out of this board.  What an amazingly creative group of people.

Inspired by your creativity and the Christmas episodes of DW, I'm striving to make several DW themed ornaments this year and eventually make enough for a dedicated DW Christmas Tree.   I've made a 3D cross stitched Tardis and am currently working on designing and cross stitching all eleven Doctors.  These are the first three Doctors. 

I'm not sure yet how I will finish them.  They are exactly the same size as a standard matchbox so I am thinking of stitching sides to the Tardis and making them 3D.

And this is my original 3D Tardis ornament. 

Tags: cross-stitch, doctor, one, tardis, three, two

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