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Dishcloth of Rassilon and Cybermen

Hi everyone.

I'm knitting myself a blanket with Doctor Who motives.

I started spinning on a wheel last year and still learing different technics. Since with every new technic there is a learing curv I have a lot of "not really balanced or preety"-yarn. With this yarn, dyed green, I'm knitting said blanket.

I already used the TARDIS- and Dalek-Dishcloth patterns, but obviously needed more.

The Seal is a bit tough to see, but that's mostly thanks to the yarn and my inability to take a good picture of it.

There is a smaller Cyberchart out there but I needed a bigger version for my blanket.

So I charted a "Seal of Rassilon" and a "Cybermen"-Dishcloth and you can download the pattern here:

Cyberman: download now

Seal of Rassilon: download now

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Tags: cybermen, daleks, knitting, patterns, rassilon, tardis

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