altogetherkooky (altogetherkooky) wrote in crafty_tardis,

Pics of all the Doctors?

 Hi there! I'm looking for some pics if anyone can help me out? I'm gonna make a Doctor Who clock for my room (I'm sure you've seen the ones) with a picture of each Doctor for each hour. I would love to have a picture of each Doctor looking out of the Tardis but I'm having trouble finding them. I only have a few so any pictures anyone has, of any of the 11 Doctors, would be really helpful. If I can't find a picture of them looking out I'll settle for just standing in front of the Tardis so any of those would be great too.

I'm planning on making the clock turn anti-clockwise, and base it on this clock, with a picture of each Doctor in each frame. Unfortunately, I can't buy that one because it has been discontinued so if anyone knows a site that sells small frames that would also be good...
I'll post pictures here as soon as I'm finished. Though that could be a long time off, depending on if I find the frames. Anyhoo, thanks in advance!
Tags: decorating, doctor, eight, eleven, five, four, nine, one, reference images, seven, six, supplies, tardis, three, two

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