LauraB1 (laurab1) wrote in crafty_tardis,

6.7 A Good Man Goes to War prayer leaf WIP

This is what I did at the weekend, finishing the River side tonight. I'm very happy with it :) Making a smaller template from the name sections, cutting, tacking and tracing was about 4 hours work on Saturday night. It's dupioni silk - I bought it and a selection of matching threads at a recent arts and crafts show.

I'm bringing this with me to both of the upcoming cons I'm attending: EMS in October and Hub 7 in November. If you're cosplaying Amy, Rory, Eleven or Zeeda dress River from DW 6.7 A Good Man Goes to War/6.2 Day of the Moon at either of them, then you're especially welcome to have a picture with it :)

leaf wip

more pics!
Tags: companions, eleven, river song, sewing

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