Not Your Everyday, Run of the Mill Erinn (xdragonladyx) wrote in crafty_tardis,
Not Your Everyday, Run of the Mill Erinn

Knitted Tardis Phone Cozy

Hey everyone, new member here. *waves* I don't come empty handed either. I'd like to share the Tardis Phone Cozy I made for my iPhone. My husband found a site that shares free ringtones, and once I had my Tardis ringtone, I had to knit a Tardis cover for it too. I'm pretty excited over it, I came up with the pattern on my own since I didn't see anything that quite met my mental image. I'd never done color change either, so that was rather exciting. I had some people show an interest in it at Dragon*Con this year, which lead me to think that I should share it with other like minded crafty people.

knit iPhone

knit iPhone

I put the pattern up on my journal just in case anyone else wanted to make it too. It's a free pattern so don't be shy. ----> Tardis Phone Cozy pattern <----

Tardis Phone Cozy pattern page on Ravelry
Tags: knitting, phone/ipod cozy, tardis

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