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K9 Costume

Last October I made my dog a K9 costume to wear in a local pet parade. I finally got pictures of her in it. :)

Constructing the sides and as I called it the calculator bit.

The head. (I think it looks like a helmet here lol)

Comparing shapes

Almost finished painting

Finished painting

It fits!

Finished! Time to put it on the dog.

Who knew K9 had two heads?

My friend as a ghetto The Doctor

My friend as a ghetto Amy and a mini Tardis

Me, The Doctor and K9

I had another friend dressed as another Doctor (could have been 4 or 11...I don't remember which lol) walking with us and taking pictures. My friends and I's costumes were kinda out there and hastily put together. I tbh spent more time putting together Ein's costume and then two days before the parade went 'oh crap! We need costumes!' lol

Materials used:
Body: foam sheets covered in duct tape for sturdiness and mobility, spray paint, pipe cleaners for tail
Back piece: cardboard, duct tape, spray paint, sharpie markers
Head: cardboard, duct tape, spray paint, acrylic paint. foam sheets, tape, wire for ears

There are two elastic straps and velcro on the underside of the body to keep in on. They lasted about a block before the velcro became two clogged with hair and stopped sticking. lol

Tags: costumes, k-9

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