Sarah B' (sarahtheboring) wrote in crafty_tardis,
Sarah B'

DW Themed Patchwork Wreath

This is a weird one, but I'm having fun with it.

For the last couple of years, I've been using this tutorial to make homey patchwork wreaths for my front door, mostly themed around holidays. For each, I limited the palette to fabric that I already had on hand. It's fun, and I have a lot of scraps to use up. Eventually I ran out of holidays...

As with the holiday ones, I limited myself to only fabric that I already had, which means that the references get a bit... indirect sometimes. :P And I wound up with all New Series references, sorry... ooh, someday I can make an all-Classic Series version and hang them together.

It's a little bit dark in this one, but that's the general idea.

Doctor patches (which, because of the fabric I had on hand, wound up being food references instead of costumes):

Enemy/monster patches:

The "cute aliens/monsters" print is kind of a catch-all.


Painting is not my forte, sadly. Otherwise, this is made of stiff felt.

This is probably going up in my new craft room, because it wouldn't get out often enough if I only put it up on season premiere days. Whee...
Tags: decorating, eleven, nine, sewing, tardis, ten

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