meredee (meredee) wrote in crafty_tardis,

Crocheted tardis ornament

I've just wandered over to this community, so I thought I'd share my crafty-tardis.

A TARDIS ornament that I made last year:


It stands around 4" (10cm) tall.


How I made it:
Crocheted from size 10 cotton thread, with thread backstitched details. Each of the 4 panels was completed separately, then whipstitched together and attached to the base. The signs and base were made from shrinkable plastic (Shrinky Dinks). The roof was added after it was stuffed. My favorite bit is the "light" on top, which is a clear glass bead sandwiched between two flat beads which I painted blue.

Relatively easy to make, but took a while to do, with all the fiddly details...

I'm totally inspired by all of the knit/crochet Daleks here - I want to work on a little Dalek ornament now!  What do you think of tiny rounded gold buttons or brads for the bobbles and clear cone beads for the top of the head? I'm not sure, though, how to pull off the eyestalk, plunger probe, and laser gun, on such a small scale.
Make them out of wire?
Tags: crochet, tardis
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