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Few amigurumis :)

They are mostly "products of Nerd Wars" again :).
I'll try to choose maximum of two pictures for each while I'm goging to post more than one amigurumi to not make too large post.

Randomly chosen one for sample... let's make Jack Harkness to be this sample :) :

Made for my friend following "Big And Cuddly" pattern by pixelatedmushroom. I'm not much happy how the hair on the back look like but from the front he looks pretty cute :) (considering I don't like Jack Harkness too much as the character %) ).

As like Jack Harkness also these two mini Doctors are made by pattern created by pixelatedmushroom. But I haven't done glasses to Tenth Doctor, he would look like too much "Harry Potter-y" to me :)

Alaya The Silurian as seen in Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. It would never come to my mind to try to do her without Nerd Wars %D. But she has ended up pretty cool. I was literally shocked when I've finished her :).
Oh, and it's made again by the generall pattern by luna1130 :)

And last but not least, our very special guest... Ladies and gentlemen and trees and multiforms, consider the Earth below. In memory of this dying world, we call forth... the last human...  {this was just irresistible ;D}

Lady Cassandra O'Brien :). I was considering to try to make her for long time since she is one of my favourite DW "bad guys" and Nerd Wars were just very good occasion :)
I was trying to make her in right proportions to dolls made by luna1130's pattern but she ended up little bit bigger than she should have been.
Still... I've got now whole playset for my favourite episode! ;D :

And that's all for today. Thanks for looking and have a nice days! :)
Tags: amigurumi, crochet, doctor, dolls, jack, nine, ten

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