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Whovian baby mittens

A pair of tiny baby mittens for my wee new nephew, Samuel James Higgs* A______.

* Born on the day the discovery of the Higgs boson was announced, so given the middle name in commemoration. :)

Who!Mittens for Higgs!Baby:

No pic as yet of Higgs!Baby+Who!Mittens in blissful garmented union (he was getting a bit tetchy by the time we thought of doing that), but I was still rather gratified when his older toddler brother picked them up, declared "TARDIS!" and "Dalek!", and started using them as finger-puppets. :D

One of Me With Higgs!Baby anyway:

Pattern: The Nutty Knitter's 'Newborn Baby Mittens' (wonderfully simple and straightforward for not-particularly-confident knitters such as myself!)
Colourwork: Paula Trumble's 'Whovian Mittens' chart

Tags: daleks, knitting, tardis

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