toodlepipsky (toodlepipsky) wrote in crafty_tardis,

Barbara's sweater, anyone?

So, re-watching DW from the very beginning and now as a relatively experienced knitter, I find I'd like to replicate Barbara's sweater from these images. But, alas, no pattern available.
I can sort of make out what kind of sweater it is and how it's shaped, but a pattern would be much more useful. Does anyone have such a thing or made such a sweater and can give me a nudge on how is best to go about it?
I can see it seems seemless around the sleeves and it has a sort of turtleneck, I can see the shape of it, but should I make it as one flat piece (front -> sleeves + hole for neck -> sleeves -> back) and then pick up stitches around the neckline to make the turtleneck? That's as much as I thought up.
What say you?

Many thanks in advance!
Tags: clothing, knitting, patterns

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