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Few other amigurumis by me :)

I'm not sure what I've already posted here and what not, sorry if I post something second time...

Eighth Doctor was finished in September. He looks better on the pictures than in real (as usual), and I'm not happy with lots of things about him, but generally he turned out pretty well. Surely much better than it could have ended...

Seventh Doctor was finished yesterday and is - just like Eight - again an adaptation of Martian Boy pattern by Luna. I'm rather happy with this one :)

In summer I was testing pattern for crochet doll and so I turned it into another Fifth Doctor, he's about twice bigger than "usual" Martian Boy pattern dolls and has posable legs and arms (not very much flexible though, probably because of the additive clothes (he's made as basic body and clothes are made in addition on the body. Coat is removable)

And finally - the TARDIS console. Five's second one. (so it's also Six's and Seven's first console)
It made it by occasion of illustration project on tumblr (this is the final result), but I love this console so I wanted to make it anyway :)
(here is the deviant art submission with more views, the pic was bit too big for this entry)

So that's it. Bye! :)
Tags: amigurumi, crochet, dolls, eight, five, seven

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