tangotabby (tangotabby) wrote in crafty_tardis,

charm bracelet advice, please

I'm looking to to make a charm bracelet with a charm for each Doctor, but am having problems coming up with an appropriate charm for some of them. So far I have
12 - guitar
11 - bow tie
10 - Converse
9 - banana
8 - pocket watch
7 - umbrella
6 - cat
5 - question mark
4 - scarf
3 - sports car
2 - looking for a recorder; anything else that would work?
1 - ???

Any suggestions for 1, 2, and the War Doctor? And suggestions for any of the others are welcome also :-)
(I do have some non-specific charms like the TARDIS, keys, hearts, sonic screwdrivers, Daleks, robots (for Cybermen), teapots, Big Ben, etc.)

Thanks in advance!
Tags: jewelry

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