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Eleventh Doctor charm necklace

I posted this on who_at_50, and someone there suggested I post it here as well.

I created a massive charm necklace with as many 11th Doctor-related charms as I could find (I still have some ideas, and am planning to add to it if I can find more charms :-))

16DW  CHARM NECKLACE 20160213_215111 AUTOCOLOR LEVELS 4X5 charm necklace

16DW  CHARM NECKLACE 20160213_215111 AUTOCOLOR LEVELS 4X5 charm necklace

16DW  CHARM NECKLACE IMG_1655 4X6 charm necklace

16DW  CHARM NECKLACE IMG_1656 6X4 charm necklace

16DW  CHARM NECKLACE IMG_1657 4X6 charm necklace

the charms:
Clock (Timey Wimey)
Camera (The Girl Who Waited--camera phone)
Snowman (Christmas Carol)
Shark (Christmas Carol)
Giraffe (Big Bang--drunk giraffe)
Centurion (Rory)
Teapot (Victory of the Daleks, The Lodger)
Cat (The Lodger)
Soccer ball/football (The Lodger)
Sunflower (Vincent and the Doctor)
Artist’s palette (Vincent and the Doctor)
Bird (Amy’s Choice—bird chirps)
Saturn (Vampires of Venice Saturnines)
Handcuffs (Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, Impossible Astronaut, Angels Take Manhattan)
Angel wings (Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, Angels Take Manhattan)
High heels (Time of Angels, Wedding of River Song)
Tea bag (Victory of the Daleks)
Dalek (Victory of the Daleks, Asylum of the Daleks)
Whale (The Beast Below)
Cell phone (Eleventh Hour)
Laptop (Eleventh Hour)
Fish (fingers, Eleventh Hour)
Plate ((Eleventh Hour)
Apple (Eleventh Hour)
Big Ben (Eleventh Hour)
Two hearts
Key to the TARDIS
Time vortex
Sonic screwdriver
Bow tie (because they’re cool!)
Trust (me, I’m the Doctor)
Stetson (Impossible Astronaut, Closing Time, A Town Called Mercy)
Gun (Impossible Astronaut , Day of the Moon, A Town Called Mercy)
Astronaut (Impossible Astronaut)
Moon (Day of the Moon)
TV (Day of the Moon)
Ship’s wheel (Curse of the Black Spot)
Ood (The Doctor’s Wife)
G clef (Let’s Kill Hitler – Melody Pond)
Motor bike (Let’s Kill Hitler)
House door/key (The God Complex)
Cyberman (Closing Time)
Snowflake (Christmas Carol, The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe)
Triceratops (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)
Postcard (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)
Horse (A Town Called Mercy)
Sherriff’s star (A Town Called Mercy)
Cube (The Power of Three)
Trench coat (Angels Take Manhattan)
Statue of Liberty (Angels Take Manhattan)
Typewriter (Angels Take Manhattan)
Glasses (Angels Take Manhattan)
Book (Angels Take Manhattan)

I'm still thinking of/looking for others, since I haven't quite got all the Eleventh Doctor/Amy/Rory episodes covered :-)

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