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Suggested Reading

These are books from my Doctor Who collection that I have found to be very useful for crafts. They are out of print, but usually can be obtained quite cheaply.

The Doctor Who Pattern Book by Joy Gammon: A.H. Allen, 1984

The content vary from the oddly delightful to the just plain strange, but overall it really is a fun resource for any Who-crafter.

The patterns contained therein are:

Knitted Garments
Diamond Logo Jumper (that's sweater to Yanks)
Neon Logo Jumper
Starburst Jumper (a knitted version of Davison's starfield face from the credits)
Cricket Jumper (similar to what the Fifth doctor wears)
The Scarf (not too accurate)
Nyssa's Jacket (reimagined as a very bizarre jumper)
Romana's T-shirt (vaguely reminiscent of her sailor suit)

Sewn Garments
Adric's Tunic
Romana's Sailor Top
Tegan's Boob Tube (I kid you not)
Adric's Anorak

Knitted Objects and Toys
Knitted Plush K-9
Knit a Nasty (GI-Joe scale Axon, Aggedor, Zygon, or Yeti)
GI-Joe scale knit and sewn costumes for the first 6 doctors and the Master. Slightly scary.

Sewn Object and Toys
Celery Brooch (wierd, but oddly cute)
K-9 Shoulder Bag
TARDIS Sleeping Bag/Quilt
TARDIS Tidy (like one of those shoe-bags you hang on the door.)
TARDIS console floor cushion
TARDIS cushion (makes a cute TARDIS plush)
K-9 cushion
Sew a Nasty (Sea Devil or Mandrel)

Full patterns are provided for all items. Patterns can scaled up or down, and can also be adapted for other uses - for instance I've used the K9 sewing pattern to make a cardboard model.

The Doctor Who Technical Manual by Mark Harris: Random House, 1983

This book contains lots of crisp black-and-white line drawings that make it a good resource for reference images. They are probably not accurate enough for making exact replica props, but they are quite good enough and very useful for crafting.

Images and some diagrams are provided for:
TARDIS tool box and tool kit
Sonic Screwdriver (old school version)
TARDIS console
Daleks (general diagrams, plus Types I, III, V, and Emperor Dalek)
Cybermen (Types I, II, and V)
The Robot (from Robot)
Servo Robot (from The Wheel in Space)
Quarks (from The Dominators)
White Robot (from The Mind Robber
Movellans and Movellan sidearms
Skonnos blaster (from Horns of Nimon)
Space Freighter (from ?)
Earth/Titan Shuttle (from The Invisible Enemy?)
Jagaroth Spaceship (from City of Death)
The WHOmobile
Plus patterns to make your own cut-out-and-assemble model TARDIS

Bookfinder is a good place to look if you want to purchase a copy of one of these books.
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