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Romana II Paper Doll (w/eleven outfits)

It occurred to me suddenly one day that the world needed a printable Romana paper doll, and so I went and made one. With plenty of fashion choices, obviously, because she'd hardly be Romana otherwise.


Twelve images and PDF download here, at my journal.

[Hope it's okay to post this here--I don't consider it fanart in the traditional sense, since it's not meant only to be looked at, but also printed and cut out and played with. Mods, let me know if you disagree, and I'll take it down.]
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Hi there!

First post here, but I have a few things to share. My SO and I have been making crochet dolls for a little while now, and we've made several Doctor Who related ones, but frequently we forget to photograph them before they wind up in new homes. However! This time we do have pictures of Jack and Saxon, as well as Eight and Roberts!Master.

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Ten and Amy Dollfies

One of my hobbies is collecting dollfies, customizable vinyl dolls similar in size to Barbies.  Since I'm also a Doctor Who fan, I decided to make dolls of two of my favorite characters.  I picked the Tenth Doctor because he's my Doctor, and I need someone to keep me safe while I watch, and Amy because I was stunned by how much Karen Gillam looks like one of the headmolds.  Amy is a 27cm hardbust Obitsu girl in pale skin, purchased from Junkyspot, and the Doctor is a Volks Neo-Goh in natural (which sadly are now out of stock).  Amy's head is the W-11 with auburn hair, also from Junkyspot, and the Doctor is the Goh-2  with light brown hair, from Volks.  I painted both their faces myself, and in the Doctor's case, cut and styled his hair. The pictures are unfortunately crappy, and I promise you they're much cuter in person.

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Pimping the Pattern Book

Bought the old who pattern book on a whim, and have to say, it is wonderful!!! So many different, brilliant things to make! The instuctions aren't the best, so I would recommend some other experience in sewing/knitting before you try to tackle anything in it.

Anyway! Today I made my first object, the day after the book arrives :3 I'm going to a Doctor Who convention next week as Ten, and what Doctor would be complete without his most trusted companion?

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