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Hello everyone. First time posting here, and since I'm not much of an artistic person in the sense of which is shared in this comm, this will probably be my only post at least until next October maybe.

So anyways...I did a Classic Who-themed pumpkin carving this past sunday; I say I, but again due to my weakness with art, it was a family effort even though I'm the only Doctor Who fan let alone Classic Who fan in the family. xP

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Hello, all!

This is my first post to this comm (or any, for that matter, so if I've jacked something up, do plz correct me), but I've been lurking for quite a while, and I absolutely love everything that you guys have done. :D

Several of my friends and I have been getting together over the summer for some Doctor Who marathons, and we were very inspired by this community to make some stuff of our own. So... we did! Lots of stuff, in fact. sleepy_kaze wanted to us to conglomerate everything into a big, end-of-the-summer post, so, if you're interested, we've got pictures behind the fake cut. :D 10 images, so maybe not dial-up friendly, just in case.

(yayyyy food!)
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I'm making 60's era Cyberman costumes for my family for Halloween. Nothing too fancy, but hopefully recognizable. Anyway, I'll post those closer to the big day.

In keeping with the theme, I carved a Cyberman pumpkin! I was hoping to get a cool shot of it with a candle in it and all, but the squirrels have already eaten it. *sigh* At least I got these pictures first.

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