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Hellooo, me again! :))

This time I bring you Leela of Sevateem and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart amigurumis. Are you happy? ;)).
Was working on them for longer time but completely finished only yesterday, so they are. Pattern as usual of course :)

P1190744 P1190754

Poor Brig looks bit too skinny (I probably should have made the sweater in adition but I wanted not to have seams there), but on the other hand much better with the hat than he looked without it (the hat isn't sewed to hat though). The hat is improvised. He was supposed to have the beret like Benton, but I wasn't able to repeat making it, so I had to try the hat. And I made it only on the third try and it's from two pieces not just in one. Phew. I hope the hard work was at least worth it! %))

(no tag for Leela and Brigadier? Why?)
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Sergeant Benton amigurumi

Sergeant Benton I've finished yesterday. The beret is improvised. I know he should have UNIT sign on it but crochet circle looked rather like some flower and I won't dare trying to embroider circle so I left it just like this.
Not much recognizable but generally he ended up much better than I've expected so I'm pretty pleased with the result :). General pattern as usual the one by Luna1130 :).

P1190738 P1190736
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Fourth Doctor amigurumi

I've finally finished Fourth Doctor amigurumi on Friday. Luna1130's Martian Boy pattern as usual :).
Scarf is knitted, made by pattern for season 14 scarf but I've skipped few rows of few colours bit before the end because of the length of teh scarf but not so much :). I'm not happy with the colours, especially the green - should have been darker, but I was trying...
And the hat is terrible, but considering it was pue improvization, not that bad after all... :)
Generally I'm very happy how did he turn out :)


Collapse )

Thanks for looking :)
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Jo Grant amigurumi

I've made Jo Grant amigurumi recently. Well, she still need the red lines on her boots and I should probably try to do something with the hair to look better and hold their shape (but I don't know what, don't want to use glue and to sew them slightly somehow wouldn't look nice either so... ), but I think I can consider her finished :)
Again it's the marvelous Martian Boy pattern by Luna and it should be Jo's outfit from Day of the Daleks.


I also don't like much her legs, they seem to big, I should have made some more decreasing there...
Anway... she looks pretty lovelyCollapse ), doesn't she? :)

(ETA: No tag for Jo Grant? Poor Jo... :) )

My customized actionfigures were shown on the US-TV show "The Morning Blend" on 12th of June 2012

I hope you forgive me a bit of boasting but my customized action figures where shown in the US TV this week. John and Carole Barrowman were guests at "The Morning Blend" and that's when they were mentioned. I feel very honored.

You can read about it all in detail here on my LJ, where I also provide the links for watching the videos, detailed pics of my customizing and also the "Hollow Earth" actionfigure story which was the start to all of this:


And here's the screenshot:


customized action figures of Carole & John Barrowman

This all started with me doing some action figure stories about the book "Hollow Earth" which Carole and John have written together, and Carole discovered those and tweeted the links around. In the second story I also had done a miniature book signing and she asked if she could have her own action figure, because in reality she had done those book signings together with her brother.

So I had to make a Carole figure, and I made her matching brother as well. Pictures and step by step explanations are here at my LJ:


Hope you like it!