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Tardis on alien planet

Jack and Tenth Doctor Cross Stitch

I've been cross stitching for a few years now, but this is the first Doctor Who related one I've done. I created the image myself and then converted into a pattern using MacStitch. I think it came out rather well, and figured I would share it here. It hasn't been matted yet, since I just finished it this morning. Hope ya'll like it!

Click for bigger picture

Also, I haven't decided what my next piece is going to be, but I've got a 30"x36" piece of fabric, so I'd like to something really big. I'm more than open to ideas... anyone? Thanks!
JSC - Don't Stop
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Yummy Holidays!

Last night I made cookies. And being the one that made them, I got to cut out whatever I wanted out of them. So, I made Doctor Who/Torchwood cookies! Armed with just a few cookie cutters, a knife and green, blue and yellow food coloring, I made: Ninth doctor, Tenth doctor, Rose, Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Gwen, Owen, The Master, K-9, a couple Tardises, a Host (From Voyage of the Damned), a few Daleks, a Sonic Screwdriver and the oval from the credits.

Cut to spare your flist from looking weird.

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Some of the costume items I made/bought for The Hub, and A Story

I have some pictures of my Captain Jack Swedish Air Force re-badged to RAF greatcoat, and Real Jack Eagle Squadron No 1 Dress Jacket, that I made for the Torchwood con, The Hub. I also managed to acquire a leather holster, and some 1945 ATS motorcyclist boots. The holster arrived in time, so I wore that with the rest of my Captain Jack costume. The boots arrived too late, so they'll have to wait until next time, to be included in a costume in person. And I got a dummy Bluetooth headset too late, as well.

I sewed on/attached:

26 brass/gilt King's Crown buttons (most of which needed a lot of Brasso)
2 Group Captain rank slides
2 Eagle Squadron badges
1 Distinguished Flying Cross medal ribbon (from a mini reproduction)
1 RAF wings badge
2 pieces of sleeve rank braid

My mum and I also converted a black sleeveless shirt into a waistcoat, by sewing in the collar, moving the pockets and creating points. Then I sewed onto that:

1 RAF blazer badge
2 small gold eagle and crown badges (to the shoulders)

As you can imagine, my fingers ended up being very sore/punctured indeed. It was worth it, though :)

So, 8 pics at the link, of the coats and leather items. Click for bigger. More to follow, of full costumes.

Feedback loved and appreciated :) Enjoy!

costume items I made/bought for The Hub

Oh, and this explains my icon, and details what happened to me and my greatcoat at The Hub ;)

Vortex Manipulator

After finishing the Adipose, I want to finally try my skills on Jack's WristComp, but I'm lacking source pictures... and since I know that some of you did some awesome replicas of it already, I wanted to ask if someone still had a folder with episode screencaps where I can see it properly? Pretty please?