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To knit a Dalek!

Quick question for you knitty-types out there who may or may not have attempted the knit Dalek:

Is it possible to complete the knit Dalek pattern at ExteraKNIT without circular needles? That is, may I bypass circulars or DPNs and just use my straight knitting needles instead? I don't know whether doing so would compromise the pattern and/or cause a really wonky-looking seam when I go to sew the various parts up. Has anyone done this, and if so, to what level of success?

Thank you all in advance!!

Police Box Scarf pattern

Someone asked about this pattern a long time ago, and I've finally gotten around to writing it up and posting it. Just in time for winter!

This was a really fun pattern to create. Stranded knitting in the round was a new experience for me, but fairly simple once I got the knack of keeping my floats loose. And the double-layered result is SO snuggly and warm!

Pattern on my website here, Ravelry link here. Enjoy!

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Knitted Tardis Phone Cozy

Hey everyone, new member here. *waves* I don't come empty handed either. I'd like to share the Tardis Phone Cozy I made for my iPhone. My husband found a site that shares free ringtones, and once I had my Tardis ringtone, I had to knit a Tardis cover for it too. I'm pretty excited over it, I came up with the pattern on my own since I didn't see anything that quite met my mental image. I'd never done color change either, so that was rather exciting. I had some people show an interest in it at Dragon*Con this year, which lead me to think that I should share it with other like minded crafty people.

knit iPhone

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I put the pattern up on my journal just in case anyone else wanted to make it too. It's a free pattern so don't be shy. ----> Tardis Phone Cozy pattern <----

Tardis Phone Cozy pattern page on Ravelry
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Colin Baker scarf - you'll put your eye out!

How to make a scarf go really really fast: use bulky wool and scale down the dimensions to acknowledge that you're a foot shorter than Tom Baker.

How to make a scarf go really really slow again: teach yourself to knit plaid and polka dots from first principles.

A pile of scarf in a variety of eye-searing patterns and colors

The incredibly colorful details! (Link to who_knits)

Dishcloth of Rassilon and Cybermen

Hi everyone.

I'm knitting myself a blanket with Doctor Who motives.

I started spinning on a wheel last year and still learing different technics. Since with every new technic there is a learing curv I have a lot of "not really balanced or preety"-yarn. With this yarn, dyed green, I'm knitting said blanket.

I already used the TARDIS- and Dalek-Dishcloth patterns, but obviously needed more.

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So I charted a "Seal of Rassilon" and a "Cybermen"-Dishcloth and you can download the pattern here:

Cyberman: download now

Seal of Rassilon: download now

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Knit pattern for Matt Smith Big and Cuddly

Hi everyone :)

For all the knitters who have been missing out on the crochet versions, here is my Big and Cuddly pattern converted into knitting ^_^

Jump over to my blog Pixelated Mushroom to download the free pattern

matt image

This is certainly not the most elegant knitting pattern, having been converted from crochet, but it worked surprisingly well.
Pattern includes instructions for both knitting flat  or knitting in the round, so beginners can have a go too.

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