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"The End Of The World" Rose

Hi! Me again :) with another crochet doll.
Rose this time. During the process it has seemed to be another catastrophe just like the very first Rose (e.g. she's got some minus rows on her chest - I don't understand how did it happen but I've noticed it only when I finished the head. And it have looked like very bad. But it's better when it's finished).
"The End Of The World" is one of my most favourite episodes so I've decided to try this outfit. The worst thing of it was the hood - to make it. And then when it was finally (after some ripping of course) done I've noticed it should have been grey. All the time I've thought the hood is two-coloured - red-grey and I've made it in red because haven't been able to do it in two coloures. But it's only grey. (and so many times I've been watching the hood druing the process! %) ).
After all the hood still doesn't show up throught the hair so pointless work (and anger with) anyway %)).
Okay. End of talk, here are the pictures (many of them).
Oh, and it's again Luna's pattern <33 of course :)
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Pics of all the Doctors?

 Hi there! I'm looking for some pics if anyone can help me out? I'm gonna make a Doctor Who clock for my room (I'm sure you've seen the ones) with a picture of each Doctor for each hour. I would love to have a picture of each Doctor looking out of the Tardis but I'm having trouble finding them. I only have a few so any pictures anyone has, of any of the 11 Doctors, would be really helpful. If I can't find a picture of them looking out I'll settle for just standing in front of the Tardis so any of those would be great too.

I'm planning on making the clock turn anti-clockwise, and base it on this clock, with a picture of each Doctor in each frame. Unfortunately, I can't buy that one because it has been discontinued so if anyone knows a site that sells small frames that would also be good...
I'll post pictures here as soon as I'm finished. Though that could be a long time off, depending on if I find the frames. Anyhoo, thanks in advance!
Christopher and I

10 Doctors In X-Stitch

You may wonder what has happened to my cross stitch of the 10 Doctors.

Well...it's getting a bit big now to scan all of the 10 at one go, particiarly like me if you've only got an A4 scanner. But the good news is that I've only got 2 pages to stitch and then it's done, finished all 74,000 stitches, 45 colours et al.

Trouble is I have no idea what to do next. Any ideas? I do have a lot of patterns featuring now the newish monsters such as the Ood, Silurians and Smilers. I thought about doing individual Doctors as well...
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Nine and Rose for Valentine's Day

I've been playing around with a couple different patterns for plushies and ended up making another Rose (and then, of course, had to make another Nine to go with her :D ) And while I was in the process I ran across a set of the kissing Valentine bears (the ones with magnets behind their lips so they "kiss" and hold hands when you bring them close together) and thought Oh, how cute! And so I ended up attempting that in this latest project.

More Pictures...


I'm new here, and a little new to the doctor who 'verse. Needless to say I love the show. Nine and Ten are my favorite doctors. I had to share these little guys with the rest of everyone here. My sister surprised me with them one day after work. She bought them off Etsy is what she told me.