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Into the Tardis

Ecksmas Goodness!

Hi all!  Merry Ecksmas and Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to show you what my sister gave me.  It's not entirely crafty, but she did have it made and had to endure odd looks from the press operator in Sunrise.  Either way, I thought you would all get a kick out of it:

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Merry Christmas!

Rose and Two Daleks walk into a bar..

So it wasn't a bar, but it was my friend's house who IS the bar, so it counts right?

Okay, so this is my first actual post other than my intro.. wait.. did I do an Intro? I cannot recall.
Well, if I didn't.. forgive me. I've been lurking.

But last year, errr I guess the year before that then.. for Halloween 2007, I went as Rose.
And while I was making my Rose costume, I decided I needed just 'something more'. And that something more decided to take the form of a Dalek that I quickly stitched together from a shirt.
It's not perfect, but I like him. He's cuddly and wonderful, and considering I did it entirely off of my own memory, it's not too shabby. (My computer was acting up when i was making it, hence not having reference images on hand.)

I had so much fun making the costume, and yes I made the shirt myself. (It was also refreshing for my first Halloween in over 10 years to be wearing Pants!)

The wig of course is not correct, but alas it was the best one I could lay my hands on in the short time span I had.

I made the shirt out of just a plain white shirt, Acrylic paint and textile medium.

The images are slightly big, so hopefully my very first attempt at cutting will work. I do apologize if it doesn't turn out right, I'll keep attempting to edit the post till it is!

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My friend Victoria dressed up as a Dalek

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DW: ginger

TARDIS shirt - sort of

FINALLY I made something Who-related that isn't an oft-used knitting pattern. POST TIME, whee! :]

I mentioned in archerpren's post here that I'm doing t-shirt designs for my concentration in AP Studio Art this year and will obviously eventually have to get around to making a Doctor Who shirt. Well, HERE IT IS.

Well, kind of. I guess you'll just have to see for yourself. :]

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printing T-shirts

Hi, this is my first time posting here, but have been a lurker quite a while. 

I dunno if there are any Dutch people on here, but if there are and they're interested in T-shirts with quotes on them, in Groningen there's a shop which will print stuff on t-shirts or sweaters for you.
The shop is called 'shirt a la minute' the prices of the printings depend on the size of the print. Having the shirts made, according to the guys I asked will range between one or two days. I was planning to have a shirt with the Torchwood logo made, but seeing I was only one day in Groningen, it didn't happen. 

just a helpfull hint for Dutch Doctor Who/Torchwood fans 


dr who shirt

so this is the second stencil i ever made. i got it from my friend PJ here on her blog and i thought id share it with you. the shirt was 5 bucks from walmart and is so soft. i used medium blue t shirt paint and then the second coat of paint was the medium blue sparkle t shirt paint. it is much sparklier than it looks but not as sparkly as using loose glitter. we will see how it holds up though. i also used ofenjens video tutorial incase you have never stenciled i will post it here. its really helpfull. hope you like it. :0)