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NEW PROJECT!!! / Opinons and Advice Wanted

As some of you may know, I have recently made two dolls, one of the 10th and one of the 9th Doctor.

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NOW, I have decided to start a project which I believe has never been atempted in the history of insane fangirls/fanboys... I am going to to make all TEN DOCTORS!!!!

Not really too hard... but time and yarn consuming. Now I have a few questions / requests for advice.

I'm planing out my Doctor Dolls, and need some advice. In general, any advice on simplfy the costumes will be amazing! As you can see in the picture above, I simplify my Doctors because I like the "chibi" look that I have achieved. 

Now each Doctor has differnet "versions" from differnet parts of their runs and most of the time I'm going to go with what I like. (Example: my Tenth Doctor is wearing his blue suit, not the brown suit.) HOWEVER, I can't really decide on the Seventh Doctor...

So what do you guys think?
Should his coat be black or tan/white/whatever you call it?
I don't want to try and crochet plaid, so should his pants be dark brown or a dark grey?

I have a hesitant plan below, made by looking at a doll another person crocheted... what think you??

Thank you for your time.

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I Am So Camp

1st And 2nd Doctor In Cross Stitch

After pulling out my hair I have nearly done a second Doctor! Slow but steady progress. William was fairly easy to do, but alas due to the fine shading of Patrick I had to unpick him and restitch Patrick half a dozen times. I have done more since this scan so when I move on to page 3 I will show you the third Doctor.

You can just see in the bottom left hand corner the tenth doctor's hair!

This is the hardest cross stitch I've done - I thought the BAP of Christopher was hard, it's nothing compared to this monster...

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Master Approved!
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Dolls, dolls, and more dolls!

Hello, new member post, but I couldn't think of a better place to show what's been consuming me and keeping my hands busy for the past few weeks. My name is Louie and it's been a pleasure watching all the wonderful things you members have posted thus far!

So without further ado, here are my Doctors!!

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Thank you very much for taking the time to look!! For more information and more pictures, hit up my livejournal :D
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How I Made my Pop up Book.

Or, How To Drive Yourself Crazy With Yet Another Project.

Doctor Who and all associated copyrights are owned by the BBC, no infringment is intended. This was a work of love. Art and the pop up book design is copyright myself.

(for a post that includes the videos, please go here. C:)

Having decided to do my first gift swap, I wanted to do something cool. And since it was for TARDIS Day, I got to be geeky in what was considered cool, which was also going to be terribly fun. I wasn't really happy with any of the ideas I was coming up with, though. I wanted to do something different, and I couldn't think of anything. So I let the matter drift to the back of my mind, and waited for inspiration to strike.

I happened to be in the school library one day looking at books for knitting, when I glanced down at another shelf, and saw this book:

How To Make A Pop Up Book by Paul Jackson and Paul Forrester.

A Doctor Who pop up book! Brilliant!

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Great things about this project: My digital painting skills are much better, now. I've figured out a couple of techniques that work for me. :D Also, I've braved the perils of printing, so when I have to print off my flat portfolio for Industry Day, I'll have some basic knowledge. *And* I have a rather unique portfolio piece. *grins* Now I just need to do one for my story!! Wouldn't that be cool? Maybe over christmas. Must... Continue... Craftiness.

Looking at my posts, I apparently finished this in thirty days of pretty solid effort. (Around school, and life.) Wow.

Showin' off.

Doctor Who and all associated copyrights are owned by the BBC, no infringment is intended. This was a work of love. Art and the pop up book design is copyright myself.