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The Doctor Who Crafting Community
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Welcome to the Doctor Who Crafting Community!

This is a place to share and discuss all Doctor Who related handicrafts and creativity. Everything from sewing to cooking, knitting to prop-building, party ideas to decorating to costuming is welcome here. The first thing you will want to do is join the community, which will get you full access to all the content and posts.

Please place large or many images under a cut. Tag use is appreciated!

Please do not post fanvids, drawings/paintings and digital artwork (such as icons and wallpapers), since there are already excellent communities for those. Try one of these instead:


NO SELLING POSTS, please. This means no posts offering items for sale or that state or imply that the item you made is or will be for sale. This is not an advertising venue and we do not want to get in trouble with the BBC.

Community Information:
Patterns All kinds of project instructions by crafty Who fans.
Fonts A collections of Doctor-Who related typefaces.
References Images Some of the best sources for Doctor Who pictures on the web.
Suggested Readings Books that make a great addition to the Who-crafter's shelf.
Related Links There's more out there than just crafty_tardis!

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