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Dishcloth of Rassilon and Cybermen

Hi everyone.

I'm knitting myself a blanket with Doctor Who motives.

I started spinning on a wheel last year and still learing different technics. Since with every new technic there is a learing curv I have a lot of "not really balanced or preety"-yarn. With this yarn, dyed green, I'm knitting said blanket.

I already used the TARDIS- and Dalek-Dishcloth patterns, but obviously needed more.

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So I charted a "Seal of Rassilon" and a "Cybermen"-Dishcloth and you can download the pattern here:

Cyberman: download now

Seal of Rassilon: download now

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Dr Who's Bed

I made this many months ago, sheesh almost a year now, when we moved into our new house. The middle child (Dr Who MAD) really wanted to WHOvian things on her bed so I spray painted everything black (her fav colour) and set about making her what she wanted. The TARDIS is a 2 shelf storage area behind the door, the top drawer is K-9 & the Sonic Screwdriver, and the bottom drawer are her 3 fav baddies: The Weeping Angels, the Daleks and the Cybermen. I think I did rather well. She's happy so its all good.

The doctor, the friends and the enemies!

More Whowelry

I like portmanteaus. And shiny things. I posted some TARDIS shrinky-dink earrings a couple weeks ago, and now I have Collapse )

I also found a use for Collapse )

I'm not sure what else to make into tiny plastic charms! Since I'm not the world's greatest artist, I'm concerned that Daleks and people might be a bit beyond me. Hmm.

Cyberman spotted at Pinewood Derby 2009!


Ok, so Pinewood Derby has come and gone. As with last year, my son's car has a Dr. Who theme. This year he didn't place well enough to go to District level, but 4th is nothing to sneeze at! He did the majority of the car all by himself  (except for the cutting which we were more concerned with him loosing a finger than cutting the car, so Dad did that part).  I helped him draw the image, and he transferred it to his car, then went over it with a black sharpie so that it stood out against the background. It is still the classic “wedge” shape, but the paint is metallic so it really gives the illusion that it is metal.


I thought I would share it with you all!

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Doctor Who Night in Seattle: MONSTERS AND VILLAINS

"Aim for the eyepiece!"

When I found out The Mercury in Seattle was having a Doctor Who night for Halloween this year -- the combination of my favorite club, my favorite show, and my favorite holiday was all too much to resist. I volunteered to be on the decorating committee and frankly, I went a little nuts with it. That's me in the UNIT uniform in the picture above, defending the patrons of the club from a Dalek attack.

I built the gold Dalek -- details about that below. The black Dalek to my left was a piñata, and it was cheerfully exterminated at midnight. More pictures from the event can be found here, here, and here. (Click on any of the pictures below to be taken to the page I found them on.) You should definitely check those out, if you haven't seen them already -- there's a ton of great costumes.

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