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Tegan Jovanka amigurumi

Hi, me again! :)
This time Tegan Jovanka in her stewardess uniform. Pattern as usual. Plus tons of imrovisation as usual :).
The hair isn't ideal but I've done my best and it doesn't look that bad aftr all. Especially when the hat is on. I'm quite happy how she turned out. Plus I'm happy the heels are working so she can stand on her own. And it looks good with them (I've never tried to make them before).
So here she is:
P1200178 P1200184

Customized actionfigure of John Barrowman in glittery concert suit

Over the weekend I whipped up another customized action figure - this time I used a Captain Jack Harkness figure to make it into John Barrowman in his glittery concert suit. Step-by-step pictures of the whole process can be found here:


A list of all my other customized figures is here: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/40721.html

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Fifth Doctor amigurumi

Me again :).
This time it isn't my favourite pattern by Luna, but Big & Cuddly pattern by pixelatedmushroom (she has some other user name on lj I think).
It was pretty hard work because it seemed nothing is going well and I've had to return and start once again for many times.
Anyway, here are some pictures.

Collapse )
The hat is improvised. I'm not much happy with the mouth (among the other things), it looks silly - even more on the pictures than in real, but whatever.
Last picture to compare his seize with my previous Big & Cuddly Ten, who is made with thinner yarn and smaller hook.