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Prop Hand in a Jar Help

So I am lucky enough to be going to Philadelphia Comic Con at the end of May, where John Barrowman (our beloved Captain Jack Harkness) is going to be! I have a ticket to get my picture with him and am so looking forward to attending his panel. I am thinking about getting an autograph as well. And if I did, I would want him to autograph something that I've been wanting to build for a while now: my very own hand in a jar as seen on both Doctor Who and Torchwood.

I actually don't cosplay Jack (a friend does and I'm sure she'll be stealing the prop from me all the time once I make it!) but I've always wanted to make it just for fun.

My idea right now is to get a clear plastic container (I'm thinking like a cookie jar or some kitchen container from a Target or Bed Bath & Beyond) that will fit the fake Halloween hand I have and then build the black carrier around the clear container. My problem is finding material for the black carrier. I would like to make it out of plastic (wood too heavy for a con and cardboard too thin) but I am having trouble finding it. I've tried craft supply stores (Michaels and AC Moore) and Home Depot. Going to try some local hardware stores next but I'm not sure what they will turn up.

Foamboard would be a last resort but I thought plastic would look more realistic for the carrier. So does anyone know where I might be able to find sheets of plastic that I could cut to make my own hand in a jar carrier?

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! And I'll keep the group up to date on my progress! Thanks guys!

Customized actionfigure of John Barrowman in glittery concert suit

Over the weekend I whipped up another customized action figure - this time I used a Captain Jack Harkness figure to make it into John Barrowman in his glittery concert suit. Step-by-step pictures of the whole process can be found here:


A list of all my other customized figures is here: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/40721.html

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Few amigurumis :)

They are mostly "products of Nerd Wars" again :).
I'll try to choose maximum of two pictures for each while I'm goging to post more than one amigurumi to not make too large post.

Randomly chosen one for sample... let's make Jack Harkness to be this sample :) :

Made for my friend following "Big And Cuddly" pattern by pixelatedmushroom. I'm not much happy how the hair on the back look like but from the front he looks pretty cute :) (considering I don't like Jack Harkness too much as the character %) ).

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And that's all for today. Thanks for looking and have a nice days! :)
Happy Slashfan
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Hi there!

First post here, but I have a few things to share. My SO and I have been making crochet dolls for a little while now, and we've made several Doctor Who related ones, but frequently we forget to photograph them before they wind up in new homes. However! This time we do have pictures of Jack and Saxon, as well as Eight and Roberts!Master.

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Cardiff Tardis

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I need you help please people!

I am dressing up as Cpt Jack for Halloween, [I'm going to Cardiff, who else would I be, haha] but I have no vortex manipulator, or any idea on how to make one!
I know some of you talented people have knitted or crocheted one before, but I have neither the time or skills to do that!
So, I need a guide on Vortex Manipulators for dummies, can anyone help me out :)

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Or just show me your Dcotor Who costumes!
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Doctor Dolls Branch Out

As you might remember, I'm the crazy woman who has crocheted little versions of all the Doctors... and now I've started to branch out. I told my College's Science Fiction/Anime Club about this project and one of the girls commissioned me to make Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness....

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