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4-sonic screwdriver & scarf by everloyal

the community, who_knits, is active again!

Just wanted to let the members here know the community of who_knits is up and running again. The comm had been deserted by its former owner and moderators (they deleted their LJs w/o bothering to pass the comm along to a new owner and mods). LJ had moderated the comm because of the lack of mods, so there were no posts, but that's all fixed now.

The comm can be found at

4-sonic screwdriver & scarf by everloyal

TimeGate 2016 Costume Portal panel: Who Knits

Hi folks!

It's Kim, Director of the Wardrobe Portal at TimeGate.

TimeGate is the Doctor Who and British Media convention in Atlanta, GA, USA, May 27-29th, 2016, at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center Hotel. The GoH is Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor. More info can be found here at the website:


If you're attending, we have a panel on Friday just for knitters and related crafters. :) It's at 8 PM. Panels last 50 minutes.

Who Knits

The panel needs a couple more knitters. If you knit Four/Rose/Amy scarves, and want to show off your work, you're needed. :) Also, if you knit/tat/crotchet Who'verse items, please apply. Applicants need to describe their items/projects briefly.

My rules for panelists are easy common sense. :) Please be on time, be kind to other panelists, and answer politely when taking questions from audience members. Panels end at 10 minutes before the hour, as the Costume track shares space with the Lit track. If an attendee comes up to the table afterward to ask questions of you, please be kind but have them walk with you out to the hallway for more chatting ASAP.

Please forgive the lateness of this request, due to laptop woes, but I do need firm commitments by April 29th for this panel. I can *add* panelists after that, but your name won't be in the TG program book or on the TG program site.

Please reply here in the thread or send me a PM.

Holiday Who - a colorway question

I've been invited to a party with the theme "Holidaze in Spacetime" and immediately thought of doing a Christmas-themed Tom Baker scarf, using the half-scale patterns from Illuminated Spaces. A Season 18 scarf lends itself nicely to a red/white/green palette, having only three colors to begin with, but I'm not sure it would be as immediately recognizable for what it's meant to be. I tried converting the Season 12 scarf to a five color palette (red/white/green/silver/gold), but I'm not as happy with it.

My options as I see it:

  1. Make the S18 pattern and hope it's more obvious than I think.
  2. Add two more colors to the S12 pattern.

Thoughts? Recommendations for what colors to add if I go with Option 2?

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Gingerbread TARDIS
  • therru

Tam o' Rassilon

So, I finally dug out an old unfinished project -- the Tam of Rassilon -- and finished it in a couple of days. It seems I got a tad better at knitting since I started on it, a few years back. :)

Since I found the pattern via this comm once upon a time, it seems only fitting to post the finished result here. The sharp-eyed viewer will notice that I switched the light and dark colours, since I used the dark as the main colour. I also gave the celtic knot motif a miss, so that's why you're not seeing any pics of the underside -- all that's there is a couple of stripes.
The graphite black yarn is Schachenmayr Alpaka, and the variegated yarn is something expensive with wool and silk in it. I've lost the wrappers/tags, unfortunately, but both yarns are silky soft to the touch.
Knit or Kill
  • jekni

Shrug pattern

Now I've finished 'the scarf', my 14yo daughter wants a Tardis shrug.

Anyone have a pattern, preferably knitted?

I've seen scarves and shawls but no shrugs. I was thinking of doing a basic shrug but need the Tardis chart to add into the pattern.

All help appreciated
animal love

Barbara's sweater, anyone?

So, re-watching DW from the very beginning and now as a relatively experienced knitter, I find I'd like to replicate Barbara's sweater from these images. But, alas, no pattern available.
I can sort of make out what kind of sweater it is and how it's shaped, but a pattern would be much more useful. Does anyone have such a thing or made such a sweater and can give me a nudge on how is best to go about it?
I can see it seems seemless around the sleeves and it has a sort of turtleneck, I can see the shape of it, but should I make it as one flat piece (front -> sleeves + hole for neck -> sleeves -> back) and then pick up stitches around the neckline to make the turtleneck? That's as much as I thought up.
What say you?

Many thanks in advance!