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Christopher and I

The Cross Stitch-An Update

The current project is taking rather longer than expected.

This is no small way of a massive balls up I made on the original canvas. D'oh I made the classic error of not measuring it first and had to redo the whole lot AGAIN with a lot of explictives (Malcolm Tucker eat your heart out!) thrown in for good measure.

Thankfully the new canvas measured correctly and I'm now on Page 12 out of 45. This is where Rose makes her appearance in cross stitch, already I've covered #9's top part of his face. His eyes follow you though when you're trying to concentrate.

Another year...to complete it!
Moody Blue

Another BAP

So I'm beginning to stitch another BAP. I just have to do it, since my last two BAPs have been so popular worldwide, not only on Live Journal but on DeviantArt too.

I've gobsmacked so many fans the past weekend at the "Science of the Timelords" event at the National Space Centre, Leicester that I decided to make a start on this one.

This one measures 32 x 23.1" on 14ct, have approximately 142,000 stitches and will use 50 different shades of Anchor.

The design is the promo picture used to promote the 9th Doctor and Rose on billboards in 2005.

Another two years undertaking I fear.
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Few amigurumis :)

They are mostly "products of Nerd Wars" again :).
I'll try to choose maximum of two pictures for each while I'm goging to post more than one amigurumi to not make too large post.

Randomly chosen one for sample... let's make Jack Harkness to be this sample :) :

Made for my friend following "Big And Cuddly" pattern by pixelatedmushroom. I'm not much happy how the hair on the back look like but from the front he looks pretty cute :) (considering I don't like Jack Harkness too much as the character %) ).

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And that's all for today. Thanks for looking and have a nice days! :)
Futurama: Admit it.

DW Themed Patchwork Wreath

This is a weird one, but I'm having fun with it.

For the last couple of years, I've been using this tutorial to make homey patchwork wreaths for my front door, mostly themed around holidays. For each, I limited the palette to fabric that I already had on hand. It's fun, and I have a lot of scraps to use up. Eventually I ran out of holidays...

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10 Doctors In Cross Stitch

Last Sunday I finished my second BAP. I apologise for the varying heights of the scans but I only have an A4 scanner. With grateful thanks to Hannah and Janet whose shop supplied me with the embroidery threads.


250 x 298 = 74,500 stitches on 14ct aida
45 shades of Anchor thread
17.9 x 21.3" (or 45.4 x 54.1 cm metric)

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The Blue Eye Soul Boy From Salford

10 Doctors Completed

Well last Sunday I finished the cross stitch of the 10 actors who have portrayed our time travelling hero.

74,500 stitches, 3 and a half years to complete on and off and 45 different colored threads!

Hopefully before the weekend is out I'll scan the design.  It may be on the pic heavy side, I warn all of you in advance. 

But all good things come in time don't they?
Christopher and I

Ten Doctors Finished....Almost

Three years I've taken to do this but I finished all the ten actors who portrayed the Doctor in cross stitch on Saturday (24th September) however,...

I don't consider it finished because...I've still got to do the black background to make the logo stand out. Once this has been done, then I'll post it up. In the meantime, there's a lot of Anchor 403 to stitch. And then my friend (or someone kind enough) to take a picture of said cross stitch with me.

Then you call all comment if that's okay?

What next?  Who knows...perhaps a monster or a companion or even the 11th Doctor in sepia tones