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Knitted Tardis Phone Cozy

Hey everyone, new member here. *waves* I don't come empty handed either. I'd like to share the Tardis Phone Cozy I made for my iPhone. My husband found a site that shares free ringtones, and once I had my Tardis ringtone, I had to knit a Tardis cover for it too. I'm pretty excited over it, I came up with the pattern on my own since I didn't see anything that quite met my mental image. I'd never done color change either, so that was rather exciting. I had some people show an interest in it at Dragon*Con this year, which lead me to think that I should share it with other like minded crafty people.

knit iPhone

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I put the pattern up on my journal just in case anyone else wanted to make it too. It's a free pattern so don't be shy. ----> Tardis Phone Cozy pattern <----

Tardis Phone Cozy pattern page on Ravelry
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Want an mp3 player that also gets messages from Time and Space?

I have spent the last five hours poking myself in the fingers with a needle and picking glue off of my skin...but it is all worth it!!

Using a few items, I have figured out how to make TW's Capt. Jack Harkness' Time-Vortex wristwatch. And now, I can share it with all of you! Its not very good, but its a fun little accessory...

How to make a “Harkness Time Vortex Wrist-strap":


(1) Gather up some leather (or imitation), sewing needle and thread, Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue (I have found this holds up great), scissors, a paintbrush, and a mp3 player’s accessory wrist/arm band (this one is for the iPod mini).

(2)   Cut the swatch of leather to your liking. Double check that the entire thing is stitched together. If not, this is where the needle and glue comes in. Sew the open bits closed and glue to seal the thread in properly. Let it sit for about 20-30 mins.

(3)   Adjust the leather swatch over the clear face of the band to your liking.

(4)   Sew and glue where swatch meets band at the TOP ONLY. Remember, you want it to lift upwards freely.

(5)   Take the excess swatches of leather and fix them over the band. [NOTE: covering only the top will allow the strap to sit comfortably on your wrist. If you like, remove the already existing band via exacto knife and replace with a real leather strap and buckle.]

ENJOY!!! :)

The Materials needed
The completed part (closed)
The completed bit (open)

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ack! please help :)

my friend asked me to make (crochet) him a tardis amp cozy tonight and i'd like to try to give it to him for his birthday which is at the end of the month.
i poked around a bit, but couldn't find a pattern (not that i read it if i did haha) i was just wondering if anyone had taken on a similar project and could maybe offer some moral support?
i'm more than a little trepedatious about getting the proper blues (i am hoping to use red heart yarn) and getting all of the blocking right.

thank you in advance for any help you can give :)
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I'm such a copycat...

kurthummel, your cell made me so jealous and fanatical I had to have one, too. XDDD!! lol!!

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graphic = cloverdilly and was found in this post.

wheeeeeee~! Tarrrrrdis love! Also I don't know anyone else that has that cell charm but it apparently only works on UK phones....bs. It totally works in the middle of my calls or when I accidentally smack it into something...lol! So, sure, not when it's s'possed to, but close. heh!!


Just found out that that http://UniqueSkins.com site does the INSIDE of my cell for $7!! XDDDDDDDD!!!! WHOO! This is going to get even MOAR pimped out next week when it arrives!! Buawhahahahahah!! XDDD!