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10 Doctors In Cross Stitch

Last Sunday I finished my second BAP. I apologise for the varying heights of the scans but I only have an A4 scanner. With grateful thanks to Hannah and Janet whose shop supplied me with the embroidery threads.


250 x 298 = 74,500 stitches on 14ct aida
45 shades of Anchor thread
17.9 x 21.3" (or 45.4 x 54.1 cm metric)

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The Blue Eye Soul Boy From Salford

10 Doctors Completed

Well last Sunday I finished the cross stitch of the 10 actors who have portrayed our time travelling hero.

74,500 stitches, 3 and a half years to complete on and off and 45 different colored threads!

Hopefully before the weekend is out I'll scan the design.  It may be on the pic heavy side, I warn all of you in advance. 

But all good things come in time don't they?
Christopher and I

Ten Doctors Finished....Almost

Three years I've taken to do this but I finished all the ten actors who portrayed the Doctor in cross stitch on Saturday (24th September) however,...

I don't consider it finished because...I've still got to do the black background to make the logo stand out. Once this has been done, then I'll post it up. In the meantime, there's a lot of Anchor 403 to stitch. And then my friend (or someone kind enough) to take a picture of said cross stitch with me.

Then you call all comment if that's okay?

What next?  Who knows...perhaps a monster or a companion or even the 11th Doctor in sepia tones

Pics of all the Doctors?

 Hi there! I'm looking for some pics if anyone can help me out? I'm gonna make a Doctor Who clock for my room (I'm sure you've seen the ones) with a picture of each Doctor for each hour. I would love to have a picture of each Doctor looking out of the Tardis but I'm having trouble finding them. I only have a few so any pictures anyone has, of any of the 11 Doctors, would be really helpful. If I can't find a picture of them looking out I'll settle for just standing in front of the Tardis so any of those would be great too.

I'm planning on making the clock turn anti-clockwise, and base it on this clock, with a picture of each Doctor in each frame. Unfortunately, I can't buy that one because it has been discontinued so if anyone knows a site that sells small frames that would also be good...
I'll post pictures here as soon as I'm finished. Though that could be a long time off, depending on if I find the frames. Anyhoo, thanks in advance!

Doctor Who inspired Christmas Tree ornaments

Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker posting for the first time.  I get so much enjoyment out of this board.  What an amazingly creative group of people.

Inspired by your creativity and the Christmas episodes of DW, I'm striving to make several DW themed ornaments this year and eventually make enough for a dedicated DW Christmas Tree.   I've made a 3D cross stitched Tardis and am currently working on designing and cross stitching all eleven Doctors.  These are the first three Doctors. 

I'm not sure yet how I will finish them.  They are exactly the same size as a standard matchbox so I am thinking of stitching sides to the Tardis and making them 3D.

And this is my original 3D Tardis ornament. 

Christopher and I

10 Doctors In X-Stitch

You may wonder what has happened to my cross stitch of the 10 Doctors.

Well...it's getting a bit big now to scan all of the 10 at one go, particiarly like me if you've only got an A4 scanner. But the good news is that I've only got 2 pages to stitch and then it's done, finished all 74,000 stitches, 45 colours et al.

Trouble is I have no idea what to do next. Any ideas? I do have a lot of patterns featuring now the newish monsters such as the Ood, Silurians and Smilers. I thought about doing individual Doctors as well...
Christopher and I

X-Stitch Progress in 2009

I met up with Christopher Eccleston just before Christmas at the BFI NFT Southbank, London. He had just finished "John Lennon Naked" which is due to be shown on BBC4 in the New Year, hence, his scary haircut!

I've come a long, long way since the first picture I posted way back in the summer of 2008!

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I've just brought two cross stitch patterns of the Master in sepia tones too!

I wish everyone here in this forum a very happy New Year 2010!